Tips for the Transition | The Career Roadmap

The Lie of Alone & the Promise of Together with Sandhya Jha

December 22, 2021 María Tomás-Keegan Season 5 Episode 157
Tips for the Transition | The Career Roadmap
The Lie of Alone & the Promise of Together with Sandhya Jha
Show Notes

In last week’s episode, we learned about burnout and why it’s so common among workplace conditions that go unmanaged. The chronic stress, exhaustion, and feelings of being disconnected and ineffective at work can be hard to overcome. 

This episode shares a personal and vulnerable story about how burnout affected this very dynamic and successful woman. Sandhya Jha is the founder and former executive director of the Oakland Peace Center, a collective of 40 organizations working to create equity, access, and dignity as the means of creating peace in Oakland and the Bay Area. A big job with a critical mission.

She says she found herself “doing work I didn’t enjoy in a place I loved.” Are you experiencing that—doing work you don’t enjoy in a place you love?

Tune in and hear how Sandhya’s burnout was years in the making and how she was too close to see what was happening. 

The lessons she learned are gold for the rest of us.  

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